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Selection Process

Around 900 players from the state will be selected. Shortlisted candidates from Phase 1 will be informed through calls and messages. Now, these candidates will have to pay an additional fee of Rs. 4500. After selection, these candidates are entitled to play UP Cricket League. This league is played with 6 teams, which will have different age groups, under 14 years (players under 14 years of age), under 16 years (players under 16 years of age), under 19 years (Players under 19 years of age). , Under 23 (players under 23 years of age), Over 23 years (players over 23 years of age). This will be the gateway to the state level auction league for the players. In state auctions, team owners bid for players. Bollywood celebrities and corporates will be bidding for all the players who have qualified for the auction through their performances in the state league. The best players of the league will get state cricket tours on an all expenses paid basis. The best players of the league will also get a 5-year sponsorship on the terms and conditions set by the UPA Cricket & Sports Association management.


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